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Returning to the Tribe!

Traditional Dances from North Africa & the Middle East

Kerensa DeMars

Ouled Nail Dancer                                                         Zaar Trance Dance Ritual Dancer

Saturday, March 2nd - 2:30-5 PM
UC Davis South Silo Building

Daleela Morad is Excited to Present:


Traditional Zar Dance from Egypt
and The Ouled Nail Dance of Algeria

These Dances are Becoming Lost to the World! 
(Let's work to keep these authentic traditional dances alive)

In 1983, my first teacher, Cynthia Modica, (of Syrian descent) taught the Ouled Nail dance steps which we performed at the State Fair '83 and the Zar Ritual Trance Dance which is now forbidden by law in Egypt. I am gathering all my materials, an old out of print book on the Ouled Nail and video footage from that show (30 years ago) to share  these dances. You will gain an introductory understanding of the cultural context and meaning of these dances as well as the dance steps.


The Zar is a trance dance ritual that predates Islam (and is now forbidden in Egypt) However, it is still performed in many Middle Eastern and North African countries, including Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others. It is a spiritual dance of cleansing believed to have originated in Sudan and Ethiopia. The Zar ritual is a cathartic experience, which functions for women in these cultures as effectively as does psychotherapy in western culture.


One of the best examples of ancient tribal style belly dancing is the dance of the Ouled Naïl, an Algerian Berber Tribe where the dancers traveled from city to city in order to earn enough money to gain a sufficient dowry. Her wealth made her an important woman and then finding a suitable marriage partner among their own tribe was easy.
Their earnings were woven into necklaces and other jewelery that both ornamented their costumes and provided visible evidence of their success.

TIME: Saturday, March 2nd - 2:30-5 PM
Location: Second Floor Dance Studio on the Davis Campus at
280 South Silo building off Hutchsion Drive
(Scroll down for link to Map)
$30 at the door or $25 prepaid through paypal

Learn the cultural background of the women of the Ouled Neil and the Egyptian Trance Dance (Zar).
Learn how to dance these dying authentic dance traditions.

Ouled Nail Dancers

You May Pre Register Now through PAYPAL
(No refunds please)

Contact Daleela for further information: 916-568-7323

Let's keep these beautiful sacred dances alive!

           Cost: $30 at door/ $25 prepay by February 28, 2013

Send $30 check ($25 if you preregister before February 28, 2013)

Delia Echegaray

1400 Gannon Drive

Sacramento, CA 95825


You May Pre Register Now through PAYPAL

(No refunds please)


OR call/email Daleela to make in person payment arrangements:

Where: 280 South Silo Building

2nd floor (looks like a big red barn) in Davis, CA

On the UCD Campus, Off Hutchison Dr.

NOTE: (there is no letter "n" in Hutchison)

Directions from Sacramento:

Take I 80 West toward San Francisco

Take exit 70 to merge onto CA-113 N toward

(Do not take the UC Davis Exit toward the Mondavi Center)

Stay Right to Exit Hutchison Drive

(Note: There is no "n" in Hutchison)

Then, stay straight on Hutchison Dr. (don't veer off toward the veterinary hospital)

Cross the stoplight: La Rue

Park at the Silo buildings parking lot, just past the Surge IV buildings on the right, in parking lot 43 or next door in lot 42 (in back)

Parking is free on Saturdays (no need to put money in meters) except at designated signs

 If both are full, there is usually parking in Lot 40-41 off Hutchison as well (Right on Kleiber Hall Drive, before Bioletti).

The South Silo resembles a big red barn.

The dance studio is upstairs.

Take the elevator or stairs to the second floor – room 280.

If you take the elevator the studio is to your right down the hall.

If you take the stairs make an immediate left on the second floor.


Daleela Morad - photo by Tommy Gleason, Background by Curtis Grant

Daleela Morad - photo by Tommy Gleason, Background by Curtis Grant

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