Gaia's Calling

About Us

We are a group of performing artists concerned with the disappearing Amazonian resources of the Earth and with the survival of her indigenous people and the preservation of their ancient Earth Wisdom.  We share our dances, songs and music to raise awareness and capital to help the remaining tribes of the Amazon to thrive and to learn from all the wisdom they have to offer.


Mother Earth has not forgotten them
and neither have we...

The Truth Must be Unearthed
 for the World to See!


Great Mother Speaks

Great Mother Speaks to those who can hear,

She speaks through the rustling of Fall leaves,

She speaks through the wisdom of the 1000 year old oak tree


She digs into your bones through the biting cold,

Are you awake yet?

The sacred feminine speaks through the lone star in the sky and says, 

"I am here!"

She says hello to you through your fellow human being, cold and hungry on the street

Pachamama is always speaking to you,
are you listening?

(By Delia Echegaray)

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